Our Services

When legal disputes require financial analysis Experience Counts will simplify accounting concepts and express them in concise and clear terms.

You can rely on our proficiency to analyse and report on financial issues in time to meet your deadlines and within budget.

We can assist in discovery of financial documents as well as cross-examination of financial evidence and allegations.

Experience Counts can rely on years of contact with, and advice to, small to medium sized businesses to provide an opinion on the value of a business. We will gain an understanding of the business itself and the environment it operates in so that the valuation is realistic and defensible.

We have valued a wide range of businesses in respect of family law and commercial legal disputes, succession planning and assistance with due diligence of prospective purchases.

If your dispute requires written analysis of financial information Experience Counts will provide authoritative reports and services.

Whether Single Expert Reports, Shadow Expert commentary or Expert Witness services we will provide objective, unbiased opinion able to withstand the most vigorous scrutiny.

Financial records, ledgers and reports are often beyond the comprehension of lay personnel. Experience Counts can utilise decades of familiarity with financial transactions and statements to investigate and interpret.

Knowing what to ask and where to look is the path to discovery.

Contrary behaviour can give rise to claims for economic loss. Experience Counts will quantify the damage claimed in dollar terms.

Breach of contract, partners/shareholder disputes, business interruption and personal injury are some of the areas where our professional expertise can assist.